Hilarious Literal Warrior Cats Names Challenge

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Hilarious Literal Warrior Cats Names Challenge

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Warrior Cats Challenge and Amino Community
  3. Fan Club and Exclusive Content
  4. OC Battle and Q&A Session
  5. Drawing Warrior Cats Literally Challenge
    • Examples of Literal Interpretations
    • Cats with Elemental Powers
    • Cats with Weird Tails
    • Kitts and Their Creative Designs
    • Super Detailed Line Blaze Designs
  6. Top Five Designs of Warrior Cats
    • Sandstorm Biter Milena
    • Peace by Leo
    • Tree by Patches
    • Princess IV Pool Blossom Ball Oscar
    • World Flight by Pop Art Animations
  7. New Challenge - Creating Silly and Wholesome OCs
  8. Conclusion

Drawing Warrior Cats Literally Challenge

In the world of Warrior Cats, fans always find creative and unique ways to express their love for the series. One such challenge that has gained popularity recently is the "Drawing Warrior Cats Literally" challenge. In this challenge, artists and fans submit artwork of warrior cats with their names interpreted literally. The results are both hilarious and impressive, showcasing the creativity and talent within the Warrior Cats community.

The challenge, hosted by Akira and in partnership with the Warrior Cats Amino, received an overwhelming response with hundreds of submissions. A community has been created exclusively for fans to interact with Akira, participate in Warrior Cats challenges, and share their own Warrior Cats art and stories. Let's delve into the details of this amusing challenge and explore some of the submissions.

Examples of Literal Interpretations

The "Drawing Warrior Cats Literally" challenge is all about taking the names of the warrior cats and interpreting them in a literal manner. From Binos with a bee for a nose to Misty with her entire foot covered in mist, the submissions showcased the creative prowess of the participants. There were cats with weird tails like J Feather with feathers on his fur and Snagged Tail, whose tail was entangled in a snag. The challenge also saw cats with elemental powers, such as Misty Star, who appeared as a water spirit, and Flame Tails, who had control over fire. And of course, the iconic Firestar made an appearance in the submissions.

Cats with Weird Tails

One highlight of the challenge was the numerous cats with weird tails. From Feathered Tail to Heather Tail, the submissions displayed cats with tails that were out of the ordinary. Neil Tail, Cheap Poke, Roast Tail, and even Cinderpelt getting too close to Firestar, all added to the whimsical nature of the challenge. However, the cat with the most unfortunate tail was undoubtedly Snagged Tail, who must live in constant fear.

Kitts and Their Creative Designs

The challenge also brought forth some adorable and imaginative designs for kitten characters. Snow Kit, made entirely of snow, had an excellently shaded drawing. Flip Kit, as the name suggests, was depicted flipping away from its responsibilities, capturing the mischievous spirit of a kitten. Leaf Pool, melting into a pool of leaves, showcased the autumnal beauty of the Warrior Cats world. And then we had Sweet Paw, whose paws looked too tasty and sugary to resist.

Super Detailed Line Blaze Designs

Among the submissions, there were three super detailed line blaze designs that stood out. Each design, created by different artists, displayed intricate details and patterns, adding depth and uniqueness to the warrior cats.

Top Five Designs of Warrior Cats

After carefully evaluating all the submissions, we have selected the top five designs that impressed us the most. These designs not only showcased the talent of the artists but also captured the essence of the warrior cats they represented. In fifth place, Sandstorm Biter Milena impressed us with its sandy color palette. Leo's design of Peace with Blue Starfire Paw and Spotted Leave secured the fourth spot. Patches' intricately detailed Tree drawing, featuring miniature cats on its branches, claimed the third spot. Princess IV Pool Blossom Ball Oscar by Pumpkin Shadow took the second spot with its impressive artistic style. And finally, the top spot goes to Pop Art Animations' world flight design, which depicted a warrior cat as a cute flying squirrel.

New Challenge - Creating Silly and Wholesome OCs

With the success of the "Drawing Warrior Cats Literally" challenge, it's time for a new challenge focusing on creating silly and wholesome original characters (OCs). The goal is to design characters that bring joy and positivity, allowing artists and fans to unleash their creativity without any bounds. The challenge encourages participants to go as unrealistic as they want, sparking imagination and producing characters that are both fun and endearing.

To participate in this new challenge, join the Bright Guardian Akira Amino community using the provided link in the description or by searching for it in the App Store. Once in the community, make a post containing your OC with the hashtag #BrightGuardianAkiraOC. This will enable you to connect with fellow fans, share your characters, and join in on the upcoming activities and events.


The "Drawing Warrior Cats Literally" challenge showcased the immense talent and creativity within the Warrior Cats community. The literal interpretations of cat names and the unique designs brought smiles and laughter to all who witnessed them. This challenge, along with the partnership with Warrior Cats Amino, has created a thriving community where fans can interact, participate in challenges, and share their love for the series. With a new challenge on the horizon, fans can now channel their imagination and create incredible and lighthearted original characters. So, join the Bright Guardian Akira Amino community, and let your creativity run wild!

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