Master the Art of Sigil Making!

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Master the Art of Sigil Making!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Sigils
    • What are sigils?
    • History of sigil making
  2. Types of Sigils
    • Traditional sigils
    • Chaos magic sigils
  3. Creating a Sigil
    • Setting an intention
    • Transforming the intention into a symbol
  4. Construction Phase
    • Materials needed
    • Drawing the sigil
  5. Charging Phase
    • Giving energy to the sigil
    • Different methods of charging
  6. Types of Sigils: Destructible, Temporary, Permanent
    • Activation by destruction
    • Disappearing over time
    • Lasting for a long period
    • Recharging permanent sigils
  7. Step-by-step Guide: Creating a Destructible Sigil
    • Defining the desire
    • Writing down the intention
    • Composing an abstract symbol
    • Charging the sigil
    • Burning the sigil
  8. Recording the Ritual
    • Keeping a grimoire
  9. Conclusion and Future Videos
    • More in-depth video about sigils
    • Pre-ordering The Key Tarot deck
    • Giveaway for New Orleans trip

Sigil Crafting: Unleashing the Power of Symbols

Sigils have a long history rooted in mysticism and magic. These symbols hold a profound meaning and possess the potential to manifest desires and intentions. While traditional sigils were used to connect with spirits and demons, contemporary sigil crafting has evolved into a process of personal empowerment and manifestation.

Introduction to Sigils

What are sigils?

Sigils are symbols with a mystical or magical meaning. The word "sigil" originates from the Latin word "sigillum," which means seal. These symbols were historically used as pictorial signatures for angels, demons, or spirits, bestowing the practitioner with a degree of control over these entities. However, modern sigil crafting follows a different approach, focusing on personal intentions or goals.

History of sigil making

The practice of creating sigils dates back centuries and can be found in various occult traditions and grimoires. One notable example is the Lesser Key of Solomon, which contains sigils representing the princes of Hell. Discovering the name or sigil of a spirit was believed to grant power and control over them, as depicted in popular culture, such as in the movie "The Exorcist."

Types of Sigils

Traditional sigils

Traditional sigil making involved using symbolic signatures to connect with specific spirits or entities. These sigils were often intricately designed and held deep esoteric meanings. However, for modern practitioners, traditional sigils are less commonly used.

Chaos magic sigils

Chaos magic sigils differ from traditional sigils as they do not call upon any specific spirit or entity. Instead, they are customized symbols created to represent personal intentions or goals. Chaos magicians utilize various techniques to visualize the sigil and infuse it with intention.

Creating a Sigil

Setting an intention

The first step in creating a sigil is to define your desire in one sentence. It is best to use the present tense and focus on a specific aspect. By narrowing down the intention, the sigil becomes more focused and effective.

Transforming the intention into a symbol

To make the intention accessible to the subconscious mind, it is necessary to transform the sentence into an abstract symbol. This allows the mind to bypass the conscious barriers and tap into a deeper intuitive state. The process involves removing vowels and repeated letters, then composing the remaining letters into an abstract design.

Construction Phase

Materials needed

To physically create the sigil, you will need paper and a writing instrument. Additionally, for a destructible sigil, a matchbook and a fire-safe container are required.

Drawing the sigil

Letting your subconscious guide the flow of your pen or pencil, draw the sigil on the paper. Don't focus on aesthetics, as the sigil will ultimately be burned. Trust your intuition and let the symbol take shape naturally.

Charging Phase

Giving energy to the sigil

To charge the sigil, it must receive energy and become more than just a drawing. This energy infuses the sigil with intention and activates its power. Charging methods include visualizations, dancing, clapping, or chanting, depending on the type of sigil being created.

Different methods of charging

Charging the sigil can be a deeply personal and ritualistic experience. Methods vary from individual to individual and depend on personal preferences. Choose a charging method that resonates with you and enhances the connection between your intention and the sigil.

Types of Sigils: Destructible, Temporary, Permanent

Activation by destruction

Destructible sigils gain their power through their destruction. Burning the sigil or consuming it in a food form serves as the activation process. The act of destruction releases energy, propelling the sigil into the subconscious realm.

Disappearing over time

Temporary sigils are designed to fade away with time. These can be drawn on the skin or carved onto candles. As the candle burns or the skin sheds, the sigil gradually dissipates, its purpose served.

Lasting for a long period

Permanent sigils are meant to endure and remain active for an extended period. They can be made into artistic pieces like pottery or written on paper and placed in a location where they won't be disturbed. Occasionally, permanent sigils require recharging to invigorate and maintain their energy.

Step-by-step Guide: Creating a Destructible Sigil

  1. Define your desire in one sentence using the present tense.
  2. Write down your intention, excluding vowels and repeated letters.
  3. Compose the remaining letters into an abstract symbol.
  4. Charge the sigil using visualization, dance, clapping, or chanting.
  5. Burn the sigil in a safe and quiet space.
  6. After the sigil is completely burned, dispose of the ashes.
  7. Record the ritual in your grimoire, if you have one.

Recording the Ritual

If you keep a grimoire or a magical journal, it is beneficial to record the details of your sigil crafting ritual. This allows you to track your progress, make adjustments, and learn from your experiences. Documenting the ritual in a grimoire adds depth and personal significance to your magical practice.

Conclusion and Future Videos

Sigil crafting is a fascinating practice that combines creativity and intention. This introduction provides a glimpse into the world of sigils, their history, and the process of creating and charging them. If you would like to explore sigils further and delve into more advanced techniques, let me know in the comments below. Additionally, if you are interested in pre-ordering The Key Tarot deck or participating in the New Orleans trip giveaway, please check the link in the description box.


  • Sigils are symbols with a mystical or magical meaning.
  • Traditional sigils were used to connect with spirits, while modern sigil crafting focuses on personal intentions.
  • Chaos magic sigils are customized symbols representing personal goals.
  • Creating a sigil involves setting an intention and transforming it into an abstract symbol.
  • The construction phase requires paper and a writing instrument to draw the sigil.
  • Charging the sigil involves infusing it with energy through visualization, dancing, clapping, or chanting.
  • Sigils can be destructible, temporary, or permanent, depending on their desired duration.
  • A step-by-step guide for creating a destructible sigil involves defining the desire, writing down the intention, composing the letters, charging, and burning the sigil.
  • Recording the ritual in a grimoire adds depth and significance to the practice.
  • Future videos may explore advanced sigil crafting techniques and introduce The Key Tarot deck.


Q: Can I create sigils for specific purposes, like attracting love or wealth? A: Yes, sigils can be created for a wide range of intentions, including love, wealth, and health. The key is to define your desire clearly and design a sigil that resonates with that intention.

Q: How long does it take for a sigil to manifest its desired outcome? A: The manifestation timeline varies for each individual and intention. Some sigils may yield results quickly, while others may take time. It's important to trust the process and allow the universe to work its magic.

Q: Can I charge multiple sigils at once? A: Yes, you can charge multiple sigils simultaneously. However, it is crucial to focus on each sigil's intention individually during the charging process.

Q: Can I reuse a sigil once its purpose is fulfilled? A: For destructible sigils, once it is activated or burned, it serves its purpose and cannot be reused. Temporary sigils will naturally fade away, while permanent sigils can be recharged if desired.

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