Unveiling Devil Fruit Powers | Anime Insights

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Unveiling Devil Fruit Powers | Anime Insights

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Devil Fruit?
  3. Making the Devil Fruit Cake 3.1. Making the Sponge Cake 3.2. Preparing the Japanese Crown Melon 3.3. Slicing and Preparing the Fruits 3.4. Creating Stabilized Whipped Cream 3.5. Assembling the Devil Fruit Cake
  4. Decorating the Devil Fruit 4.1. Creating the Signature S Swirl Pattern 4.2. Adding the Stem 4.3. Presenting the Final Fruit
  5. Serving and Tasting the Devil Fruit Cake
  6. Conclusion

Making the Devil Fruit Cake

In the world of One Piece, devil fruits are rare and mysterious fruits that grant incredible powers to those who consume them. Although we may not be able to find a real devil fruit in our grocery stores, we can still create a devil fruit-inspired dessert - the devil fruit cake. This unique cake is made using a special ingredient, the Japanese crown melon, known for its intricate netting and juicy insides. Let's dive into the process of making this delicious and visually stunning cake step by step.

Making the Sponge Cake

To start our devil fruit cake, we need to create a light and fluffy sponge cake that will serve as the base. In a stand mixer, we combine whole eggs, egg yolks, sugar, and vanilla, whipping them until they form a ribbony consistency. Meanwhile, we sift cake flour, baking powder, and salt onto a sheet of parchment paper. After melting butter and milk in a saucepan, we slowly fold in the sifted flour mixture, being careful not to knock out the air bubbles. The final sponge cake batter is evenly divided among two sheet trays lined with parchment paper and baked in a preheated oven until golden and spongy.

Preparing the Japanese Crown Melon

Now let's shift our attention to the star ingredient of our devil fruit cake – the Japanese crown melon. This muskmelon is known for its unique netting and juicy insides. After removing the sticker, we slice off the top of the melon, savoring its delicate aroma. Taking care to remove the seeds, we extract the inside fruit in a solid piece as much as possible. The fruit is set aside temporarily while the base and top of the melon are drained on a paper towel to remove excess juice.

Slicing and Preparing the Fruits

To add an array of flavors and textures to our devil fruit cake, we incorporate kiwis, strawberries, and mangoes. Thin slices of these fruits are cut, approximately six to an eighth of an inch, to ensure they blend harmoniously with the other components.

Creating Stabilized Whipped Cream

Instead of traditional frosting or buttercream, we opt for a stabilized whipped cream to add lightness to our devil fruit cake. In a small bowl, we bloom gelatin in hot water, ensuring it dissolves properly. Meanwhile, in a stand mixer, we whip cold heavy cream, powdered sugar, and a pinch of salt until soft peaks form. The bloomed gelatin is then gradually poured into the whipped cream, creating a stable texture.

Assembling the Devil Fruit Cake

Now comes the exciting part – assembling the devil fruit cake. We divide the sponge cake into various sizes using pastry rings. These circles are then layered, alternating with stabilized whipped cream, fruit slices, and brushed with melon juice syrup. The repetition of these layers creates a beautiful and flavorful cake, with each bite combining the sweetness of the cake, the creaminess of the whipped cream, and the freshness of the fruits.

Decorating the Devil Fruit

To truly capture the essence of a devil fruit from One Piece, we need to recreate its signature S swirl pattern on the exterior of our cake. Using purple fondant, rolled out to a quarter-inch thickness, we apply simple syrup as an adhesive and create individual S shapes. These S-shaped fondant pieces are then carefully placed on the base layer of the cake until the entire surface is covered, resembling the pattern of a devil fruit.

Adding the Stem

No devil fruit is complete without its distinctive stem. Returning to the top of our cake, we carefully attach a curly stem, giving our devil fruit cake an authentic and recognizable appearance.

Presenting the Final Fruit

With the decorating complete, we unveil our version of the Gomu Gomu fruit from One Piece. The cake takes on the appearance of a purple spherical fruit with the signature S swirl pattern, truly resembling a devil fruit. Its layers of cake, stabilized whipped cream, and various fruits hidden inside create a visually stunning and delicious dessert.

Serving and Tasting the Devil Fruit Cake

To fully appreciate the devil fruit cake, we must indulge in its flavors. Cutting it open reveals the intricate layers of cake, fruit, and cream, all enveloped by the deliciously refreshing taste of the Japanese crown melon. Each bite offers a combination of textures and flavors, with the cake absorbing the melon juice and imparting a unique taste. Serving the cake in wedges or quarters allows for easy enjoyment and sharing with friends.


In conclusion, creating a devil fruit cake inspired by One Piece is a delightful and creative way to pay homage to this beloved anime. The process involves making a sponge cake, preparing the Japanese crown melon, slicing and preparing various fruits, creating stabilized whipped cream, and assembling the cake with layers of cake, cream, and fruit. Decorating the cake to resemble a devil fruit adds an extra touch of authenticity. The finished devil fruit cake presents a cross-section of enticing layers and delivers a harmonious melange of flavors. Whether enjoyed alone or shared with friends, this devil fruit cake is sure to be a hit among anime fans and dessert enthusiasts alike.

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